Business Income Insurance and COVID-19

Lots of discussion about #insurance and questions about how it is going provide #businessesincome during this time of #pandemic.  Here is some practical advice in this time of great concern.

1)  Not all insurance coverages are created equal!

The scope of variables between the experience of a business and the terms of the insurance policy are many.  Be wary of one size fits most answers to YOUR concerns.  If the person giving advice about coverage has not listened to YOUR circumstances and read YOUR insurance policy, then chances are you need an #advocate to take the time to listen and read.


These are unprecedented times and Insurance Companies have a lot to lose! While an insurance company is a bank that pays claims, Insurance Companies should be diligent when investigating YOUR claim.  Be prepared to answer questions, provide documentation, and explain YOUR circumstances.  It’s YOUR job to make the claim, it’s the Insurance Companies job to administer the policy fairly.  Having an #advocate in YOUR corner, speaking on YOUR behalf is the best way to have YOUR circumstances communicated to the insurer.

3)  Focus on the things you can control!

#ForceMajeure is real, things happen outside of one’s ability to control.  However, we can control how we respond.  While #toiletpaper hoarding is one way to go, know that your employees, customers, clients, friends, family, and those in YOUR sphere of influence will look back and see YOUR actions.  Now is a great time for #gratitude, #leadership, and #happiness to shine through the darkness.

If YOUR business needs help understanding #Insurance coverage, Advocate Claim Service (ACS) is here to help.  At ACS we listen and read YOUR insurance policy at no cost to YOUR bottom line.

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