Does a bee really matter?

Bad things even happen in Maui. On a recent business trip, I took time to enjoy the natural surroundings. The waves crashed against the shore. As a wave receded, a bee was struggling in the surf. Scooping it up with a bare hand, it was life or death. For the next hour, this bee received all my attention. Sheltering it from the elements, giving it time to recover. As it cleaned the salt from its eyes, flexed its wings, and took a sip of freshwater--it rested. Once the stress subsided, it took off flying inland. Returning to life. A moment of quiet reflection washed over me.


In the entire world, this bee may not matter much. 30 days of life, 48 miles of flight, 1700flowers visited, all to produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey. Yet, to the bee, my actions meant the world. This bee is a symbol of what it means to work with Advocate Claim Service, LLC.


In business and in life adversity is going to come, no doubt about it. Sometimes you are going to need to be rescued. Once rescued, others will aid in the recovery. After you recover, your life changes but you go on--returning to your purpose.


Time was that insurance companies used to be the bare hand that pulled you out of the surf. Many people now feel like insurance companies are more like the waves--crashing--making a bad situation worse. Ask someone who has experienced an insurance claim what it felt like. No one forgets the anxiety. Now imagine, what it would have felt like to have an advocate on your side?


When big claims happen to good clients, insurance brokers also feel the same anxiety. Brokers do their best, but they are likely an agent of the insurance company. Ask any broker what it feels like to lose a good client over a bad claim experience. Often, feelings of doubt can linger. Chances are it still stings.


We know claims cause anxiety. Anxiety creates stress. Stress causes strain. Strain breaks even the strongest personal and professional relationships.


To break this chain, Advocate Claim Service takes the anxiety out of claims. We advocate for policyholders, preserve relationships, and get people back to their purpose. We know that 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey means the world to you. Rely on us to rescue you from difficult insurance claims and get you back to your purpose.


David Princeton, CPCU, AMIM, AIC, CSRP, is the principal consultant of Advocate Claim Service, LLC, an expert witness, and contributing author. He attends Marquette University Law School, and has served as a director of corporate risk and as a lead claim specialist. Claim consulting services are provided to Policyholders, Brokers, and Attorneys. Based in Wisconsin, licensed in six states, the staff at Advocate Claim Service has over35 years of experience dealing with difficult claims across many lines of coverage.



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